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June 11 , 2017

Circuit Judge Says “Even the Good Hombres Are Not Safe”

A judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued an important immigration opinion last month, blasting the administration’s immigration policy and the unfettered discretion it is exercising in deportation decisions.




June 10 , 2017

The Dire State of Immigration Detention in Georgia

Recent deaths at immigration detention centers in Georgia have made one fact disturbingly clear: detainees’ rights are being violated, with life and death consequences.




June 9 , 2017

President’s Tweets Dim His Prospects for Supreme Court Review of The Travel Ban Case

The language is in direct contrast to what Trump’s lawyers have been arguing all along—that the executive order is not a ban.




June 8, 2017

Congress Lowers Hiring Standards for Corruption and Abuse Plagued Border Patrol

This measure is designed to weaken Customs and Border Protection hiring standards by exempting some applicants from polygraph testing before being hired.




June 7, 2017

Why Are the Immigration Courts So Backlogged? Government Findings May Surprise You

In 2006, cases took an average of 198 days to complete; now the average is 650 days. Here's what’s making cases take longer in immigration court, and possible solutions.




June 6 , 2017

Fast-Track Deportation Expansion Could Impact Hundreds of Thousands of Immigrants

President Trump has ordered his administration to expand the use of expedited removal across the nation. This needlessly places lives in jeopardy, violating the most fundamental principles of justice and fairness.




June 4 , 2017

Government Regularly Denies Access to Counsel, Groups Seek New Rules

Attorneys are routinely prevented from accompanying their clients to interviews at U.S. Embassies and Consulates overseas. Yet the importance of securing access to counsel cannot be overstated, particularly given the harsh new immigration policies coming out of the current administration.




June 3 , 2017

Trump Nominee for USCIS Director Testifies before Senate Committee

The content of this hearing, coupled with his work advising the Trump campaign, and cozy relationship with a notorious anti-immigrant hate group have given some pause about what the future of USCIS may look like under his leadership.





June 2 , 2017

How Many People Overstay Their Visas? Not Even the Government Knows

Government officials acknowledge serious flaws in their visa overstay estimates, stemming from a lack of reliable exit data, as well as poorly coordinated communications between databases and information systems.




June 1 , 2017

“Baby Jails” Bills Die a Slow Death

This legislative measure would have licensed Texas family detention centers as “child-care facilities."




May 30 , 2017

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Continues to Inhibit Asylum Seekers’ Legal Access and Invite Litigation

A lawsuit was filed after ICE barred a full-time legal assistant with the Dilley Pro Bono Project (DPBP) from entering the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas.




May 26, 2017

Congress Is Checking the Trump Administration on Their Immigration Agenda

It will be vital for Congress to do its job and provide a check on the president’s power and his overzealous immigration enforcement plans.




May 25, 2017

Expedited Removal Hurts the Most Vulnerable In an Already Complicated Immigration System

Without legal counsel, asylum seekers may be unable to navigate these pitfalls and risk falling through the cracks of the system. The protection needs of asylum seekers, and asylum-seeking mothers and their children in particular, must be met with robust legal services and legal assistance from the start to ensure that no one is sent back to their deaths.




May 24, 2017

ICE Wants to Deport Immigrants Congress is Trying to Protect Through Private Bills

Democratic and Republican Members of Congress alike introduce “private immigration bills” designed as a last-minute effort to protect some immigrants facing deportation. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced that this is about to change.




May 23, 2017

What’s Causing the Decline in Border Crossings?

This is a result of not only of heightened immigration enforcement, but also improving economic prospects in Mexico—as well as sluggish growth in the United States of the less-skilled jobs most commonly filled by undocumented immigrants.




May 22, 2017

Training for U.S.-Educated Noncitizens Withstands Another Restrictionist Attack

For the second time, a court has ruled against a group that has repeatedly tried to stop foreign students in F-1 status from gaining post-graduation practical experience.