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Immigration Law Testimonials

One of my friend refereed me to Ms. Kinser, my case was very complected and USCIS was not granting me GC even though, I attended 4 interviews (in 2 yrs) with different officers and they were very hard and rude to me and my wife. I would say Ms. Kinser helped me so professionally and got my GC, without going to immigration court. Even though I was mentally prepare to go to immigration court,which is again expensive and time taking process but it did not happen because of Ms. Kinser only. She works exclusively with her clients, who needs consultation in immigration issues.I would highly recommended Kinser Law Firm for all.
Thank you Ms.Kinser B.S. - India



It has been my great pleasure to have hired Ms. Kimberly Kinser for all the immigration needs for my whole family. It's been around 7 years since all my friends and family have gotten their green cards and citizenship through her efforts. She has been the best help and her results have been 100% success. Kimberly Kinser has not only been a thorough professional, but also a great human being with a heart of Gold. Thank you ma'am for being the best immigration attorney around DFW. I will always be recommending you to all my family, friends, and colleagues. Thanks and God Bless You!!!! S.S. - Pakistan

It is common knowledge that we should try to stay as far away as possible from lawyers and doctors. This rule was broken for me after meeting Kimberly Kinser, a professional and straight forward immigration lawyer who is kind and caring in the best possible way.

From the beginning of my case, she knew exactly what was needed, which steps had to be taken and what I should expect. Most importantly, from the beginning I knew how much the process was going to cost me. No surprises with the fees, which was indeed a surprise when dealing with a lawyer. I came to the US as a visitor in December 2012. I decided to buy a business and invest money. Ms. Kinser changed my status to E-2. She knew I had married a permanent resident in July 2013. So, she suggested I file for my green card in August 2013. In January 2014, I received my interview and my green card shortly after that. My family and friends are all amazed at how quickly I went from a visitor to E-2 to a permanent resident. Most of them waited years. It only took me a little over a year.

If you are looking for truthful answers to you immigration questions, I highly recommend The Kinser Law, PLLC ; above all for their high ethics and commitment to their clients. JCM - Mexico

I want to thank Ms. Kimberly Kinser and her staff for getting me a green card. I came to the United States in 1988. I got some bad advice from someone who told me to file for asylum to get a work authorization and travel permit. I made a big mistake by following their bad advice, and landed up in deportation in January 1994. I told the Judge the truth, and he granted me voluntary departure in November 1994. But I never left the US, so it turned into a deportation order. I continued to live here in the shadows for well over 20 years. I found the love of my life in 2005, and got married. My husband is a US citizen. After some time, in 2010, my husband and I decided to see if there was anything we could do about my old deportation order. My daughter, who also got her green card through Ms. Kimberly Kinser, recommended we go to Ms. Kinser. Ms. Kinser guided us through the whole process. From start to finish, she was there to hold our hands, and tell us what to expect next. She was upfront and honest with us from the very beginning. She told us my case was difficult, and it would take some time. I am happy to announce that Ms. Kinser got my deportation case reopened and the case was terminated after I had an approved immigrant visa petition in 2012. I received my green card in January 2014. I never had to go back to Court or anything. It was amazing! Now, I can enjoy my life and travel with my husband. Thank you, Ms. Kinser, for all of your kindness, support, and for finally making my dream of having a green card come true. FK -- India

Best lawyer we ever met. Kimberly helped us resolved a desperate case. She successfully helped my wife got a date for her naturalization oath ceremony after almost five years of waiting and going through hell with the immigration, and other lawyers who took our money buy did not do anything for us. We were referred to Kimberly by our previous lawyer in California who did not take mandamus federal litigation cases in Texas. When we first went to meet her, she patiently heard our case and explained the different options we had at that point. She explained to us the entire process and answered all our questions. She personally reviewed all documents we had and what we have done so far in the case. She even started making enquiries in our case before we met with her. She was prompt in sending my wife’s case to the USCIS and filing suit against the concerned parties, following up on the case and communicating the results to us. She continuously answered all our questions and cleared any doubts in regards to our case outcome. Kimberly and her team are very knowledgeable, helpful and professional. She is not judgmental and you can talk openly to her. She will always give you an honest and truthful opinion. Finally, she loves challenging the immigration because she knows the law and her job. We strongly recommend her to anyone in need of competent and honest immigration lawyer. We owe her big time and will always be thankful to her from the bottom of our heart.

Thank you Kimberly... we really appreciate all your help. J.T. - Cameroon

Ms. Kinser and Kamran did a great job in assisting me and my wife file for our employer based green cards. We were walked through the process and all details were paid attention to. We were kept up to date on the progress and we received great communication whenever a notice was received from the USCIS. The firm is very professional in their dealings with the clients. I would highly recommend Ms. Kinser and her firm to represent us in the future and to my friends and family. R.S. - India